Chimney Repairs and Sweeping in Horley I Your Questions Answered

Chimney Sweep UK provide professional sweeping services and chimney repairs in Horley. As specialists in chimneys, fireplaces and wood burning stoves, we cover a whole range of expert services, including flu liner fitting and block chimney clearing, for customers in Surrey, South London and West Sussex.


On this page, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about our chimney sweep services in Horley and the surrounding areas. If you have any enquiries that you would like to discuss in more detail or a question that has not been answered below, call 07546 717 536 to speak to a friendly member of our chimney sweep team.


What services do you offer?


Chimney Sweep UK cover all your chimney, chimney stack, flue and chimney pot needs. Our complete range of services for Horley customers include; professional sweeping and clearing, chimney repairs and maintenance, wood burning stoves and fireplace fitting, smoke tests and flu liner fitting. We are also happy to offer emergency call-outs, free quotations and same-day services.


Are you a certified chimney sweep?


Yes. Every member of our team is a fully-qualified member of the Institute of Chimney Sweeps (ICS) and has competed industry-leading training in safe chimney sweeping. We have also taken the ICS courses in refurbishment and installation, allowing us to safely and effectively install and maintain wood burning stoves, fireplaces and flues. We can un-block chimney flues effectively in and around Horley and our chimney repairs are compliant with UK building regulations.


How often do I need my chimney swept?


According to the UK Fire Protection Association, chimneys should be inspected and swept at least once a year. Chimneys, fireplaces, wood burning stoves and other furnace systems are vulnerable to damage and wear, so to prevent regular chimney repairs we recommend Horley customers schedule an annual chimney sweep every summer. Inspections can also highlight if you have the correct flu liner fitting and discover a block in your chimney.


How will you clean my chimney? Will it be messy?


As a professional ICS company with over 30 years of experience in the industry, Chimney Sweep UK has the equipment and expertise to clean, repair and unblock chimneys without causing mess or damage to your property. We follow detailed procedures, covering rooms with protective sheeting and wearing PPE, before undertaking chimney repairs or sweeping for Horley homeowners.


Using specialised vacuum tools and brushes to avoid soot and dust from entering your property, we work from bottom to top, effectively cleaning the entire chimney system, including fireboxes and flue liners.


Does my chimney need a flue liner?


For any wood burning stoves, fireplaces, Rayburns and other furnace systems to work safely, a flue pipe should be connected that is completely leak proof. Over time, chimney flues degrade and cracks and gaps may appear. If your chimney flue is unlined, damaged or has a badly fitted flue, this can result in leaks of hazardous gases into your home in Horley, neighbour’s property or environment.


Good quality flue lining should be used and fitted effectively to prevent this. If smoke is coming out of your fireplace or you can smell anything unusual, call Chimney Sweep UK immediately. We can install the correct flu liner fitting, un-block chimney flues and provide the most cost-effective solutions to keep your chimney working to the safest standard.

For enquiries about chimney repairs and maintenance or wood burning stoves and fireplace installations in Horley, call Chimney Sweep UK on 07546 717 536.



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