Safe Chimney Sweeps and Chimney Repairs in Redhill

A good quality, well-maintained chimney is vital to the safe and effective use of all fuel burning heating and cooking appliances, such as fireplaces, wood burning stoves and Rayburns. When looking for a chimney sweep in Redhill to un-block chimney flues, undertake chimney repairs, sweep chimneys or carry-out new flu liner fitting, you should choose a certified technician who is trained in the latest health and safety policies.


At Chimney Sweep UK, our proficient team is registered with the Institute of Chimney Sweeps (ICS) and fully-qualified in cleaning, un-blocking, refurbishing and repairing chimneys for domestic customers in Redhill. Based in Smallfield near Horley, we offer same-day chimney sweep services and emergency chimney repairs in the surrounding Surrey, South London and West Sussex areas.

Health and Safety Policies

When it comes to maintaining your chimney in a safe condition, the role of a chimney sweep is essential for preventing chimney fires and reducing the risk of dangerous fumes from escaping flues, chimney systems, cooking and heating appliances. The UK Fire Protection Association (FPA) recommend property owners such as Redhill homeowners, to have your chimneys swept at least once a year, more if they are being used frequently.


Whether you require chimney repairs, chimney sweeping, wood burning stoves inspected, a new flu liner fitting or flue block chimney system installed, a certified chimney specialist will have the skills and equipment to carry-out services safely and to a high standard. The main qualifications and training to look for are ICS, Gas Safe and HETAS.

At Chimney Sweep UK, our fully-trained ICS chimney specialists are trained in the most up-to-date health and safety policies, including:


  • UK Building Regulations
  • Surrey Trading Standards
  • Carbon Monoxide Safety Requirements
  • Wood Fuel Management
  • Smoke Control Areas and Testing
  • Chimney and Flu Lining Requirements
  • ICS Health and Safety Procedures
  • Fire Safety Policies

Why Choose a Professional?

Chimneys are built to channel toxic gases from your fuel supply safely away to be dispersed in the atmosphere and there are many challenges associated with cleaning such systems. Although you can clean and inspect your chimney, fireplaces and gas stoves regularly, we recommend Redhill customers to seek a professional chimney sweep inspect your systems at least once a year.


We are qualified and equipped with the appropriate tools and PPE, such as protective goggles and uniforms, to undertake effective chimney services. Our technicians can quickly and efficiently un-block chimney flues, carry-out chimney repairs, install new flu liner fitting, repair wood burning stoves and sweep chimneys professionally in your home.


Rather than taking on chimney sweeping yourself and risking messing or damaging your property, Chimney Sweep UK come fully-equipped with protective coverings and vacuum tools, for removing soot and creosote from Redhill properties without causing any mess. We also offer work guarantees and £2-million public liability insurance, for your peace of mind.


Whether we’re carrying-out chimney repairs, flu liner fitting, installing wood burning stoves or fireplaces, sweeping a chimney or fitting a flue block chimney system, we offer a clean and efficient chimney service the utmost respect to your home. All work areas are cleaned and work completed to the highest standard.

If you require a chimney clearing or sweeping, or a wood burning stove or flu liner fitting service in Redhill, call Chimney Sweep UK today on 07546 717 536.



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