Maintaining Fireplaces and Wood Burning Stoves in Reigate

So, you’ve just installed a new fireplace into your Reigate home or moved into a house with a wood burning stove? A beautiful and warming feature in any home, you may be unaware of the important steps you need to take to keep these systems clean and safe to use. As chimney and stove experts, Chimney Sweep UK share our tips on keeping wood burning stoves, fireplaces and chimneys well-maintained. Based in Smallfield, we are experts in chimney repairs, stove installations, flu liner fitting, un-block chimney clearing and fireplace fitting.

Our Top Tips

1. Schedule an annual chimney sweep


One of the key tips we recommend Reigate customers follow, is to have your fireplaces, wood burning stoves and chimney systems professionally cleaned at least once a year. This should be done twice a year if your property is thatched or you’re using fireplaces or wood burning stoves frequently throughout the year. Although not obligatory, The UK Fire Protection Association in the UK recommend an annual chimney sweep and inspection, to prevent the build-up of hazardous creosote.


Creosote is a highly-flammable substance that if left to build up on your flu liner fitting, fireplace, stove and chimney system, can set on fire. Regular sweeping is also vital for Reigate customers looking to un-block chimney flues and prevent major chimney repairs.


2. Check chimney bricks and mortar


Another important step for keeping chimney systems, fireplaces and wood burning stoves well-maintained, is to check your chimney bricks and mortar to ensure they are still and intact. After so much exposure to high temperatures, regular bricks can begin to crack and the mortar to crumble, leaving gaps for hazardous gases from your fuel to leak out of. This can be damaging to the environment and dangerous to anyone in or around your property, as carbon monoxide is capable of silently poisoning.

If you notice any cracks or wearing, contact Chimney Sweep UK. Our expert technicians offer same-day and emergency chimney repairs, flu liner fitting and safety inspections for customers in Reigate and the surrounding Surrey areas.


3. Check for blocks


During your regular household cleaning, check your fireplace or wood burning stoves for damage or obstructions, by removing the chimney gap and checking the flue liner. If you notice a build-up of creosote that is ¼ inch thick or more in your flu liner, or blockages such as bird nests and rubble, call a professional chimney sweeper. They will be able to un-block chimney flues safely and effectively, without causing any mess or damage to your property.


At Chimney Sweep UK, we use specialist CCTV tools to inspect chimneys for blockages and can recommend the most cost-effective clearing solutions or chimney repairs for your Reigate, Surrey, West Sussex or South London home.


4. Make sure your flue liner lines up


For most fireplaces and wood burning stoves, a chimney with a high-quality flue liner is required to clear any harmful products of combustion from the fire and disperse them outside to be broken up in the cooler atmosphere. Unfortunately, some fuel liners are not installed properly or are incompatible with your chosen fuel, this may cause smoke to be released into a room when you light a fire.


Our experienced chimney sweep experts carry-out flu liner fitting and inspections for Reigate customers, where we can recommend the best flues for your system and ensure the chimney liner is securely fitted in place, providing insulating where required.

Chimney Sweep UK can un-block chimney flues, carry-out chimney repairs and perform flu liner fitting in Reigate. Call 07546 717 536 for a free quotation.



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